Kent County Friend of the Court       

            Positions: Producer/assistant animator/assistant editor

Two animated shorts for Kent County Friend of the Court (KCFC). The primary theme is "communication". The choice to use stop-motion animation was meant to be appealing to the viewer, and to remind parents that when contacting KCFC, they must think of their children.


Drill Press: Tool Training

Position: Intern/Editor

Short instructional video for the non-profit organization The Geek Group demonstrating how to operate a drill press.

                              Gun Practice             

             Positions: Producer/Cinematographer/Editor/Director

A short live action video to primarily focus on visual special effects without sound.


Joshod Mogul Promo

Position: Editor/Audio Mixer

A short promo video for Black and Wyte studios. I was hired to edit together the footage and audio provided by client.

                Shining Otaku Comics KickStarter                                                                   Positions: Editor/Audio mixer

Short promo video for the Shining Otaku Comics KickStarter. I was hired to edit together footage, audio, and graphics provided by clients.


  GVSU Film and Video Resume and Demo Reel Workshop

                              Positions: Producer/Director/Cinematographer

Produced and filmed in just one day. I was hired to quickly produce, direct, and plan a shoot of a lecture given by Grand Valley State University film alumni about how students should prepare there demo reels along with Q&A.


DNFL Hashtag Meeting

     Positions: Producer/Editor/Cinematographer/Audio Recorder

Short promotion video shot and produced by JAG Productions in a single day. Was hired to quickly plan a shoot with a script provided by client.

Boy Scouts of America Documentary

                                       Position: Producer/Talent

Short informal video produced by JAG Productions about the Boy Scouts of America organization. Because one of our clients backed out, I was asked to be in the documentary by my director for being a fellow Eagle Scout.